Jira similar tools open source

Customer support software has become a critical tool for just about any business.

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They have earned a reputation for resolving client inquiries, engaging customers and increasing bottom lines. This is undoubtedly the reason for their popularity among many companies. Shopping for such a tool should pose no problem for any organization as there are lots of them out there.

One of these is Jira Service Desk, a robust platform that offers all the needed functionalities in such a product. In this article, we will seek to provide you a list of the top 10 alternatives to Jira Service Desk. Tool features, functionalities, and pricing will be discussed in detail to provide you with a clear idea whether a product will suit your needs. The importance of customer service has always been recognized by companies.

Poor customer service can dent business reputation and adversely impact bottom lines. New technologies now allow them to vent out their disappointments to much wider audiences, which could pose problems for organizations.

This is why companies, big and small put great emphasis on the fast and standardized resolution of support concerns not only of clients but staff as well.

It is for this reason that businesses face the challenges of shopping for the ideal customer support solution. So it is but prudent that the case for these tools be made. So what is it that they do that businesses should consider purchasing one? All organizations, regardless of size and type must make sure that IT downtimes are reduced or even made available at any time.

Help desk tools put emphasis on resolving technical concerns at the shortest time possible, a concept that applies to all business sectors.

Customer service is the best way to keep clients happy and this is where help desk software excels. Many businesses have been investing in these systems, proof of which is the notable increase in job listings for customer service reps.

The clamor for these tools is but one of the trends shaping customer service and even as these tools have been established as effective in boosting support, their impact on corporate profits are largely unrecognized. While it is true that they benefit organizations, clients and employees can also benefit from customer support software.

Powerful service desk solution Jira Service Desk is designed to help users fulfill their customer service and IT service management requirements. It is built for IT teams for use in delivering end-to-end services to clientscontributing to strategies that could align organizational needs while meeting organizational objectives. Jira comes with templates that are customizable for problem, service request and ITIL-certified incident management.

Its machine learning feature provides agents with self-service capability through a portal where they can search for answers to queries. The system is likewise highly-suitable for agile virtual teams as it supports collaboration.Or if you are just browsing the web for a great project management tool, this guide will ease your final decision. Our opinion is entirely based on facts, statistics, and reliable customer reviews from authority sites like Gartner Peer InsightG2 CrowdCapterraand TrustRadius.

We hope that our transparency and accurate information will help you decide whether you should look for Jira alternatives and which one to pick or you should better stick with Jira. Table of contents:. If you are new to it, Jira is basically used for project management, specifically for bug tracking.

It helps you keep track of your daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly Jira tasks and projects. Jira allows you to create tasks, write detailed descriptions and reports, and spread assignments across your team relatively quickly. Jira tasks and roadmaps are quite easy to digest, empowering you to see the direction your Jira project is moving toward. It also has Jira Mobile. Jira Align is mainly suited for enterprises whereas Jira Core and Jira Software fit smaller businesses better.

Jira Software can be both used for business as well as for personal use. This would be a better option for you if you are more business-oriented. You can complete project milestones quicker than if you were using outdated spreadsheets that nobody on your team understands. Jira swimlanes are absolutely awesome for better prioritising your issues. Furthermore, Jira smoothly integrates with most of your favorite tools.

It thus strives to ease your work life. And Jira task management is made simpler compared to average PM tools. Yet, as with any other project management tool, Jira also comes with a couple of drawbacks… and according to some people, those drawbacks seem quite disadvantageousto say the least. You are bombarded with heaps of Jira features, most of which are buried in submenus.

This can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are new to Jira. Another con that ties closely to the setup is that Jira is mainly built for development teams. And it can be hard for non-tech folks to adapt to the software.

However, it integrates fine with other great idea management tools like Jama. Jira pricing plans are fair compared to other project management tools. You can find cheaper tools just as much as you can find pricey software as well.

It all comes down to basic math. You can check the Jira subscriptions here. It offers cloud pricing and on premises too. After reading close to hundred reviews on Capterra, we had concluded that maybe 1 out of every people have team collaboration issues. Jira requires you to be familiar with basic Jira agile management if you want to fully utilize its options.

Thus, it can be intimidating for first-time users to get started. Codegiant is a free Jira alternative that comes with a straightforward UI. Codegiant also brings tons of features to the table. You can easily create tasks, distribute them among your team members, and keep track of your team progress.

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And thus clearly see the next step you need to take to make sure that your team moves in the right direction. Whether you are looking for a clear view over your projects or in a desperate hurry to meet all deadlines, Codegiant has enough flexibility to fit any of your workflows, accelerate the team efforts, and make your work more manageable. What we like:. Feel free to check it out.Give an alternative a chance and you will quickly find JIRA is an inferior project management tool in numerous ways.

JIRA is certainly a valuable tool. This agile project management software empowers your group to communicate through basic channels with ease. JIRA software allows for integration with external systems, provides an overview of team activity, lets users establish permission settings, complete scrum projects and customize important workflows. JIRA provides bug tracking to boot. You can even add innumerable custom fields.

15 Best JIRA Alternatives in 2021

Interested in switching to ClickUp? Import your tasks now! There is no doubt JIRA is quite a flexible project management tool. If your tech team and project management group is like most others, they find considerable value in managing projects with this program. However, looking for JIRA alternatives is prudent for a number of reasons. Take a moment to consider the massive onboarding effort required to learn this nuanced project management software.

If those who have used JIRA are honest, they will admit the software is clunky. They will also testify using this program on a daily basis is somewhat frustrating. The program has plenty of inefficiencies and often proves overly-complex.

jira similar tools open source

It takes considerable time and effort to figure out how to use this interface in an efficient manner. The software does not permit multiple assignees. Practically what happens is that many people become watchers on the task, chipping in their comments and working on issues.

However, this is messy and inefficient. Because you end up with two lists: the official JIRA assigned person and then the actual team working on the issues. In the end, no one will argue the fact that JIRA was built with development teams in mind. Organizations that do not rely on developers will find JIRA to be ineffective.

As a result, there will be a significant disconnect when others are using a different program and expect compatibility with a project management team that relies on JIRA. ClickUp provides the majority of the features and integrations JIRA offers yet there is absolutely no cost at all.

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Not to mention the top-rated customer support! It does not get any more efficient than that. Use this feature and your Spaces will be in perfect sync with your features workflow. It provides task management, Kanban Board, Dashboard, Interactive Gantt Chart, message board, and soon event planning. It includes the full set of collaboration features needed to manage small and large projects.It is used for Agile project management.

Using JIRA for personal use is good and it is one of the finest tools, but it does have a few drawbacks. The list contains both open source free and commercial paid software. Backlog is an all-in-one project management tool built for developers. It's a popular alternative to Jira, with a much simpler and intuitive interface. Development teams use Backlog to work with other teams for enhanced team collaboration and high-quality project delivery.

Kanbanize is a professional project management software comprised of features for scaling Kanban beyond the team level. ClickUp is software that enables you to manage your task, docs, chat, goal, and more with ease. This application allows you to assign and resolve comments to tasks.

It helps you to set priorities of the work with no hassle. Airtable is a project management solution which is suitable for organizations, and businesses of all sizes. It offers organization and collaboration functionalities in an effective and mobile-friendly Table solutions.

Hive is a productivity platform that enables you to manage your project without any hassle. This application allows you to utilize more than integrations, including Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

TargetProcess is a popular commercial agile project management tool in market. It is an ideal alternative to JIRA. It is one of the free Jira Alternatives that allows following a Scrum, Kanban or customized Agile approach. It provides an intuitive interface to manage software development collaboratively.

Blossom is a strong replacement for JIRA. It helps teams to visualize processes. It is based on the principles of Kanban, with the goal of continuously improving their workflows. It is one of the free Jira Alternatives that offer analytics capabilities with an emphasis on cycle time and resource optimization.

Pivotal Tracker is agile project management tool. This tool fosters collaboration in software development teams. It is one of the best Jira Alternatives which provides a shared view of team priorities to analyze progress. VersionOne simplifies product planning with easy backlog management.Popular JIRA plug-ins were explained in detail in our previous tutorial. Read through our entire range of tutorials in this JIRA series. It is developed by Atlassian and currently is used in countries, with more than 75, customers.

JIRA tool is rich in terms of features such as create filters, integrate with other development tools, a robust set of APIs, customizable scrum board, flexible Kanban board, real-time reports, etc.

JIRA pricing plan depends on the number of users involved in the agile team. If your team size grows beyond 10 users then the price also increases i. Hence there is a list of other tools that are better in terms of features, pricing, etc. The tool makes it easy for you to manage multiple projects and cross-functional teams.

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The system is loaded with a number of tools and features that make project management easy, from initial phases of planning and conceptualization to realization and delivery. It is methodology agnostic — supporting Agile, Kanban, Scrum, XP, waterfall and hybrid methodologies. SpiraTeam uses a concurrent licensing approach, supporting unlimited named users and unlimited projects. Backlog is an all-in-one project management designed and built for development and cross-functional teams. It provides a work management platform for enterprises.

Any team of any industry can use this agile software.

jira similar tools open source

This software will help you from pre-planning the product to getting feedback from the customer. Pricing: monday. All these prices are for annual billing and include 2 users. A free trial is available for the product. You can add the number of users as per your requirement and the price will change accordingly.

Nifty is a collaboration hub that offers visual project management so teams have a clear overview of their workflows. Wrike is project management to simplify planning, gain visibility and to streamline workflow. It is cloud-based collaboration software that is used across any business.

It is suitable for any team i. Hive provides a centralized platform for planning projects, completing work, and collaborating. It provides insights by making the use of machine learning.With over 50, customersboasting companies like Spotify, Airbnb, Cisco, and eBay, JIRA is one of the most popular project management tools for software development teams.

JIRA is a software development tool that helps software teams plan, track and release great software. You can even evaluate project timelines and progress by generating automatic reports.

You can enhance Jira, by integrating it with thousands of add-ons including Hipchat, Zephyr, Bitbucket, Confluence and many others. Here are some of the best JIRA alternatives and competitors out there:. It takes inspiration from the social networking style of communication and allows users to make social profiles, add their information and images, instant message one another, share content, like updates and activities, comment on posts, and collaborate and communicate with each other using the activity stream.

This JIRA alternative provides tools for task management, document sharing, project management, CRM, email automation, workflow managementlead capture, and time tracking integrated into a social interface for maximum efficiency. There are also mobile apps available to use Bitrix24 anytime, anywhere. Filled up to the brim with everything a business needs to get work done, Bitrix24 can sometimes turn out to be overwhelming.

If you need a more streamlined tool to focus only on managing documents and organizational information, without the plethora of featuresyou might wanna look elsewhere. Made by keeping distributed teams in mind, Blossom is another JIRA alternative and competitor you should be checking out.

With Blossom, you can efficiently manage your whole development process in one place, built with simplicity in mind.

Does your team waste a heck lot of time doing estimates and sprint plannings? Blossom has integrated performance analytics reports which does all the planning for you. Apart from planning and reporting, Blossom has a ton of integrations including Slack, Hipchat, and Github. Blossom automatically sums the most important things of your progress in the last 24 hours and send it to your inbox.

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No email reports sending about your progress. Blossom has you covered! Asana has consistently been a crowd favorite tool for task management. With Asana, you can assign tasks, view progress, have conversations all in one place. Asana is a fast, responsive, beautiful-looking, and feature- rich application. With plenty of third-party integrations like Dropbox, Hipchat, Zendesk, and many more, Asana enhances your productivity and helps you handle all your operations from a single tool.

Apart from the Kanban styled JIRA-esque interface, Asana allows your tasks and projects to be displayed in the list view, calendar view, or file view making it a great JIRA alternative and competitor.

8 Best JIRA Alternatives to Try in 2020 (Free and Paid)

If your focus area is simply issue or bug tracking, you might wanna take a look at DoneDone. The issue tracker your clients will understand and your programming team will thank you for, DoneDone boasts of having the simplest user-interface and onboarding. DoneDone wants you to say goodbye to spreadsheets, sticky notes, and email to keep track of bugs, ideas, and requests and start using their platform instead.

DoneDone wants to marry issue tracking with customer support and make work more efficient and smooth. It effortlessly tracks customer support requests in one simple workflow. Capture user feedback, customer questions, or any other issues submitted to your public-facing email address.

All support communications happen right inside DoneDone so everybody is in sync and informed.

11 Best JIRA Alternatives in 2021 (Research Done for You)

Its simple workflow, easy filtering, and release builds are a seamless fit with most companies. DoneDone allows you to view a list of issues, see individual activity from any day, or gather quick reports.

jira similar tools open source

Since it all happens in the cloud, all you need for this JIRA alternative is a browser and an internet connection to get started! Just like your typical project management tool, ClickUp allows you to assign tasks to teammates, assign comments, get notified about changes, and make adjustments to dashboard view lists, boards or blocks. ClickUp is aiming to do what other project management tools claim to do by reducing workload and automate redundant tasks to maximize productivity.It let you collaborate with your team so you can plan and code together with your team members.

Codeplex is free to use open source Microsoft platform for the project hosting or collaborating with the other developers who are working with their projects…….

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Hyett, And Scott Chacon in Where you can build and host…. Gitlab is a Git-repository hosting service founded by Sid Sijbrandij, And Dmitriy Zaporozhets in with the vision to create a complete DevOps platform.

Gitlab comes…. Bitbucket is a freemium collaborative version control web application released in by Jesper Noehr. It let you collaborate with your team so you can plan…. Redmine is an open-source and cross-platform project management and issue tracking web tool. Redmine support multiples projects and flexible access control….

jira similar tools open source

Gogs is an open-source self-hosted git service, in terms of uses it is very easy and fast. It comes with the many Front end plugins and Database drivers…. Sourceforge is a Business software platform where you can collaborate and create software and then also distribute to more than 34 million users worldwide….

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