Legends of runeterra meta

Hello guys! While we stand by our work, it is important to note that we feel that Legends Of Runeterra is a balanced game with many paths to victory. We believe that skill is more impactful than a deck's placement on this list. A Tier 1 deck is not guaranteed victory over a Tier 3 deck, but we will say that a Tier 1 deck is more prepared to face the current meta than a Tier 3 deck.

Consistent against the overwhelming majority of the meta. Decks in this category typically have little to few hard counters and define the threats of the current meta.

legends of runeterra meta

Decks in this category can typically net a positive win rate against the majority of the meta with expected player skill. Decks in this category can still earn a positive win rate, but require more care and skill than more consistent decks. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost! Read more. Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register. Contents Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3. Overview Hello guys!

legends of runeterra meta

Tier 2 - Decks in this category can typically net a positive win rate against the majority of the meta with expected player skill. Chris Hardwick. Filter By Game.It takes a lot of work to build, create, maintain and improve a free community site like this. We and third parties use tech like cookies to make this happen.

By continuing, you consent to the use of these technologies, and affirm you're at least 16 years old or have consent from a parent or guardian. Privacy Policy. Here we attempt to provide a list of some of the best decks currently seeing play on the ranked ladder in order for you to heighten your understanding of the metagame, win more games, and climb the ranks.

Attached to each deck is its decklist, a short explanation of its concept, its core cards, and a few tech considerations. Updates will also be announced on the Team Aretuza Discord Community, where you can also chat to Team Aretuza members and ask questions about decks, gameplay, and how to optimise your chances of climbing. Sadly, the 2nd Call of the Mountain expansion has not shaken the meta terribly much. Still, a few new decks were introduced with the new champions SorakaTahm Kenchand Shyvanathough they have had limited effectiveness so far.

Still, Runner-Ups remain powerful options which can take down any of them, and the metagame remains rather diverse on ladder. We would like to thank all the authors, editors and contributors for their teamwork and dedication to excellence:.

Website: Kachna. Frontrunners: Meta-warping decks that do well across a large number of matchups or require their opponent to alter their deck significantly to increase their odds of winning. Honourable Mentions: Interesting or fun archetypes that offer little to no competitive advantage on average, but make use of powerful synergies which fall short of greatness because of a lack of payoff, consistency, or both; or sometimes require an extreme amount of proficiency with the deck to achieve goods results.

We use both data given to us by websites which use deck trackers like Mobalytics, coupled with the play experience of several Master rank players in Team Aretuza. Practically speaking, this means we base our rankings on what we encounter while playing, as well as our experience of all past metagames since LoR was in beta, as well as tournament results.

These are then tempered by deck-tracker data, used to refine the rankings further, removing our personal biases towards deck archetypes as much as possible.

It is far from perfect, and we understand that both sources of data are inherently biased, however there is currently no alternative unless Riot Games elects to release ladder data publically, which is its own can of worms. Short answer, no. Some lists are bound to be weaker or more situational than others while still providing an interesting archetype worth playing; and power levels may change or be given support through balance changes or new sets.

For example, it is entirely possible for a Frontrunner to reliably lose to a Dark Horse. How can that be? Simply put: the Dark Horse may have a good match-up against this specific Frontrunner, though it is generally still pulled down by other weaknesses against other meta decks, bringing its overall win rate down. The meta is a complex beast and decks cannot be well measured in a vacuum. Absolutely not. It is perfectly viable to climb with any other deck, even those amongst the Honourable Mentions, or decks not listed here.

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Most of all, consistency is key in order to climb. Home Articles Videos Roster About. Meta Snapshot Articles Videos. Trust and transparency are important to us.With your permission we and our partners may use precise geolocation data and identification through device scanning.

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We will return with another edition as soon as our experts have drawn conclusions from these first days of the new meta. Thank you for your patience. The Go Hard strategy is dominating the format. Twisted Fate Go Hard in particular has taken its position at the top of Tier 1, once again. This archetype has proven to have a wide variety of tools to fight off and pressure other strategies, and its ability to stop opponents from building a board by simply holding up 1 mana makes it very hard to play against.

With Pack Your Bags having just been nerfed, we're likely to see this deck fall out of relevance. While Zed could often be a win condition, he usually came down too late to be a good stabilizer against fast openers.

Zoe, on the other hand, provides a ton of early game and can often snowball out of control—and even Level—since the deck runs plenty of protection spells. Aurelion Sol Plaza maintains its place in Tier 1, as the meta begins to solidify several weeks after the release of the Cosmic Creations expansion.

Legends of Runeterra Best Decks – Meta Report (Glimpse Beyond + Alanzq)

The addition of Zoe over Garen or Leona has shored up many of its matchups, especially versus aggressive decks and other Zoe decks.

Previously, this deck struggled to deal with opposing Zoes, often having to use Single Combat or Hush just to try and deal with a one-drop. However, with the addition of Zoe, it is now easy to just trade Zoe into your opponent's Zoe and stay even on mana and cards instead of falling behind.

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Outrider Overwhelm is a deck with very polarized matchups, but is incredibly strong against a number of the Tier 1 and 2 decks in the meta. Outrider Overwhelm shines against Go Hard and Scouts, due to the size of the units and the ability to push damage through against any of the units those decks have. Scouts and Go Hard tend to rely on a board presence that can push damage, but Overwhelm stops them in their tracks and sets up attacks where they are forced to chump block with their entire board.

With a patch having just gone live, we're likely to see this tier list shift around over the following days. Our Meta Snapshot team will return with a new edition once the meta has settled in response to the nerf to Pack Your Bags. There are currently no comments. Toggle navigation Tempo Storm. Sign Up. Live now! Share With:. January 13, Meta Snapshot Team. Tempo Storm User. Recent Relevance.This week, we see the ripple effect of the Pack Your Bags nerf wash over the snapshot, with Targon being a clear favorite outside of Ezreal - Draven.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop by our Discord.

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Best of luck on your climb! Still able to survive against board-centric decks thanks to a flurry of reactive spells, Ezreal - Draven is currently the strongest deck in terms of denying the opponent a chance to develop their strategy.

When looking at the current metawe can see that most decks are working on building a game plan more than answering the one their opponent has. As a result, Ezreal-Draven takes the throne for the time being. Write-up by Den. Thanks to the Go Hard nerf, Ezreal - Draven has lost its worst matchup.

Currently, no deck on ladder is capable of countering it. Despite this, the archetype can pride itself on having some of the best answers in the game with Scorched Earth for The Grand Plaza, tons of removals for Lee Sin Noxian GuillotineTri-Beam ImprobulatorRavenous FlockScouts and other board-centric decks which are very popular on the ladder currently.

legends of runeterra meta

Zoe - Lee is the new take on the Lee Targon deck. Zoe is here for board presence. This might sound counterintuitive, but she does generate cheap units or stuns every time she strikes the enemy Nexus.

This gives you a better matchup into decks like Plaza or Demacia in general. The rest of the deck is like older versions of Lee Sin. Deny and Nopeify! A consideration is changing the latter for Sparklefly. Write-up by Pespscola. Additional notes: Zoe - Lee lost one of its most awkward matchups, Go Hardthus solidifying its position as one of the strongest decks on the ladder. Lee Sin is also transitioning to a situation in which two copies of Deny as opposed to three is the norm, freeing up space for an additional Bastion or two.

There are a lot of variations out there, but the key here is that you have lots of different options in each stage of the game. In the early gameyou pile on the pressure with Zoe and are able to fend off your opponent pretty consistently.

In the mid gamewith the assistance of The Grand Plazayour units can trade very effectively or, at the very least, transition you healthily into the late game. It goes without saying at this point, but the late game is quite easy to win using Invokes along with a flipped Zoe or ASol. Write-up by RattlingBones.

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Additional notes: So, why has Zoe replaced Leona in the deck? Zoe is versatile and performs multiple functions. First of all, Zoe is removal bait.

Legends of Runeterra - Expeditions guide

Your opponent has to respect Zoe for the value she can generate. Thus, she demands to be answered, allowing your other and later threats to be more likely to stick. Secondly, Zoe by herself can perform the same job as Leona and all her Solari followers. When playing Leona, your deck has an inbuilt curve. Zoeon the other hand, allows you to create your own curve. Need a Turn 2 play? Need a Turn 3 play? Supercool Starchart. If Zoe connects one or two times, your board presence is much stronger than usual.

Although it might appear that The Grand Plaza is best utilized as a defensive card in decks like Leona - ASolit can also act as a key card in more aggressive decks.The metagame in Legends of Runeterra has changed after the release of the Call of the Mountain expansion, that came with Patch 1. In this article, we will show you some of the best decks for this meta, according to some websites and pro-players. This new deck, completely born from the Call of the Mountain expansion, is designed to ramp up mana early, in order to win the late game with Aurelion Sol Celestials remember that Aurelion Sol is the most expensive Champion card in the gameTrundle board control, and stun-lock via The Infinite Mindsplitter.

In the early game, thanks to Make it Rain and Dreadway Deckhand, we will be able to control our opponent and lead the fight to the midgame, where we will start being a big threat.

We will win the game by leveling up Swain while in the deck in the late game, and then stun-locking the enemies with The Leviathan and a level 2 Swain. There are many versions of this Discard Aggro Deck, always with Draven and Jinx as Champions, but with some different followers and spells.

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Discard Aggro is an aggressive composition with strong early starts, a burn deck that uses these two Champs to fuel its strategy. We must swarm out early with a lot of units, keeping Jinx alive so that our deck has value going into the mid-late game. In the end, this is a fast deck that trades an empty hand for the strong effects of Draven and Jinx. No matches. By danesloher September 04, Related article: Patch 1.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Copy hyperlink. Related Topics decks legends of runeterra lor lor patchs top 3.Hey everyone! If you want to explore the meta on your own, check out our Meta Stats feature for the most in-depth statistics in LoR. Here are the best decks that our experts recommend for climbing in the current meta. Note that our experts update the tier list often so there may be some lag time between this blog version and the one on our site. This deck really got huge additions from the new set and has the same amazing early aggressive draws it had before but also now has access to an incredibly powerful ability to control the board with The Grand Plaza.

I highly recommend playing this board if you enjoy completely dominating board combat with Challengers. This is an update to the old school Scouts archetype with a really cool new addition in the form of The Grand Plaza. You are mostly looking to go Fleetfeather Tracker into Brightsteel Protector to trade up heavily on value. Turn 3 is your power turn.

Live now! Legends of Runeterra Meta Snapshot: Pack your bags K/DA!

After this, every single turn after you will get a ton of value off of every unit you play. Grizzled Ranger becomes absurd with both.

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Island Navigator becomes absurd with both. An important thing to note is that if you have Double Trouble and The Grand Plaza in hand you should skip your first 2 turns to combo those 2 cards in the same turn using your spell mana.

The mulligans for this deck are very simple, you are just looking for The Grand Plaza, Miss Fortune, and Fleetfeather Tracker and from there cards that work well with these cards. This is a really sweet midrange deck with a very powerful combo finish. It also has some really good beatdown draws so if you enjoy being aggressive, this deck has that too. You are looking to play 4 copies of Go Hard and get a Pack Your Bags which gives you lethal a very high percentage of the time.

When doing this combo you should try to have a full board so that as many units as possible get to hit your opponent after you Pack Your Bags. Fiora Shen is a deck that uses barrier to protect high threat units to generate value. If that sounds appealing then this deck is for you. You can have explosive openers with turn 1 Tracker into turn 2 Brightsteel Protector. Rivershaper is a high value unit in this deck because he can often draw 2 or more cards when protected by Shen, Barrier, or just using your challenger units to get in unblocked.

Your late game is solid against heavy decks because of strong units like Genevieve and Brightsteel Formation that are backed up with Deny to protect your board from huge plays.Breaking news: Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide. Legends of Runeterra. Expeditions is a game mode in Legends of Runeterra.

This Runeterra Expeditions guide will tell you all you need to know about the mode. The drafting is carried out in a unique way, however. When you jump into Expeditions, you'll begin crafting your deck over the course of 15 rounds.

You'll get to pick two Champions, and build your buckets from there.

legends of runeterra meta

Expect a hugely diverse meta in this mode, as different rounds offer you different kinds of card picks. A random assortment of Champions, Units and Spells is offered, and bundles are decided based on potential deck archetype. There are two different types of pick in the draft: Synergy and Wild. Synergy picks take into account your previous choices and let you take cards that specifically work well with your existing deck. On the other hand, Wild picks let you pivot your direction, as well as forcing you to choose cards that might not be optimal but work well as a plan B.

Make sure you take advantage of this! After each match, a new batch of cards can be added to your deck. You can even add more Champions, so think carefully about what your current win conditions are and plan accordingly. For most of your Expedition, you can only be knocked out by losing two consecutive matches.

You won't be able to keep hold of any cards drafted in Expeditions, but it is a way to earn rewards for your performance. Wildcards, specific cards, Capsules, Chests and Shards are all available in different quantities depending on your success.

You can have a look at our progression guide to find out more about how the unlock system works. You can play Expeditions mode using the various currencies the game has to offer. However, usually an Expedition will set you back Shards or Gold. Getting 7 wins in an Expedition will give you enough Shards to buy another whole run, as well as the other rewards you gain on top. It's easy! Just open Legends of Runeterra, navigate to the 'Play' tab on the left hand side of the screen, and click 'Expeditions'.

You'll either need an expedition token, coins purchased with real moneyor Shards gained through progression. We're all still getting to grips with Expeditions mode ourselves.